Community Health Services

Animal Bites and Follow-Up

Cat and dog bites and exposure from all other animals are to be reported to the Communicable Disease Division for follow-up and investigation.

Break the Habit

Break the Habit provides free consultation and support for anyone living in Schuyler County ready to quit tobacco. Nicotine patches are also available at no cost to participants in the Break the Habit Program. Illinois Tobacco Quitline: 1-866-Quit-Yes or 1-866-784-8937  

Communicable Diseases

All communicable and infectious disease cases must be reported to the Health Department. Our Communicable Disease Division is responsible for tracking and follow-up of any outbreaks or unusual cases.  

Flu Immunizations

During the Fall and Winter months, we conduct flu clinics throughout Schuyler County and at the health department. Individual vaccines are also available by appointment or walk-in. Contact us for times and locations of flu clinics.

International Travel Vaccine Information

We provide contact information regarding required immunizations, health requirements, and health hints for those traveling outside the country.  

Infectious Disease Education

Educational materials are available for infectious diseases.  

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

 Confidential testing, treatment, education, and counseling is available for all STD's.